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When making a credit card payment, your statement will say "BEWELL" or "BEHAVIORALWELLNESS." For all services, you have the option to receive a receipt with a diagnosis code that can be submitted to your insurer for reimbursement.

Comprehensive Assessment

This is a 2-3 hour session where you will receive an in-depth clinical interview to review all of your symptoms and provide a diagnosis and treatment recommendations. The comprehensive assessment can be conducted online or by telephone, if necessary. You will be contacted to schedule a time for the evaluation.


Treatment Sessions with a Therapist

Individual treatment is typically delivered in 90-minute (double), 60-minute (long), or 45-minute (regular) sessions 1-2 times per week. Family sessions are 45 minutes.

Most sessions are in person, but sessions by phone or videoconference (e.g., Skype) can be arranged on an as-needed basis.

Session with Director

Session with Doctoral-Level Therapist

Session with Other Therapist

Other Services

Select this option for any clinical service not listed above or to pay for multiple sessions.

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